What is Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is when donors make pre-tax donations from their pay to a charity. It delivers low cost, high value donations to help build the sustainability of Australian charities and really make a difference. Good2Give makes it easy for Workplace Giving donors to have total control over their personal giving. Employers love Good2Give because its intuitive interface makes light work of managing a Workplace Giving program.


Workplace Giving helps to build a sense of community at work, Shared social values, a sense of community and a genuine desire to make a difference, are what many of your employees are looking for when they consider their contribution to your business success.

Easy to implement and manage

You can implement Good2Give in weeks, not months, because it’s an existing purpose-built platform. Your payroll process and Caf Australia dove-tail with each other for smooth processing. Good2Give uses industry standard security and complies with privacy requirements.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities

Say goodbye to spreadsheets with a wide range of customisable real-time reports to measure and report on the impact of your workplace giving initiative, track employee participation and company progress towards giving and understand the causes that your employees care about.


Workplace Giving delivers low cost, high value donations to help build the sustainability of Australian charities and really make a difference. Caf Australia. connects donors and charities and makes it easy for employers to implement a Workplace Giving program.

The only problem was that implementing and managing a Workplace Giving program could be difficult. Now you can manage your Workplace Giving program from one central dashboard. You can communicate with your donors via the Good2Give platform and thank them immediately for their donations and keep them informed of your activities.

Customised reports help you to manage your Workplace Giving donations. And you receive one EFT from a consolidation of all donations in a given month, saving hundreds of hours in administration time.

Matched Giving

Matching employee donations demonstrates an employer’s commitment to their staff, builds social engagement and strengthens brand value.

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Making giving easy

Eight out of ten employees surveyed felt their company’s workplace giving program reflected a genuine commitment to the community. Over 85 per cent of survey respondents also felt this form of community engagement and generosity made their company a better place to work.

Boost employee engagement

Improve staff participation, morale and retention by matching your employees’ charitable activity, from workplace giving donations, fundraising and/or volunteering efforts. We can create a tailor-made plan that works with your business and community investment objectives.

Achieve greater impact on your business and the community

Whether you’re looking for effective solutions for your charitable giving, advice on developing sustainable partnerships with charities, or guidance on maximising your impact through the development of a long-term corporate community investment strategy, Ccaf Australia can help you to make more of an impact and derive significant benefit for your company.

The potential is huge

Workplace givers are a unique group of passionate donors. Almost half of the workplace givers would increase their donations if asked – 33% uplift for regular donations and 46% during seasonal periods. This generosity equates to an additional $1.3 million in donations that charities are missing out on from Ccaf Australia workplace givers alone. Caf Australia has distributed $15 million to the charity sector in the last 12 months, taking us to a total of $155 million delivered to over 5,000 Australian and international communities since 2001.

Access low-cost, high-value donations

At Good2Give we proactively work with our business clients to encourage them to give more to charitable organisations. Funds are raised via corporate giving programs which transforms the way charities process and receive donations from workplace givers. Charities often tell us how generous workplace givers are with an average donation of more than $800 per person annually.

Caf Australia Workplace Giving for charities

Workplace Giving enables employees to make pre-tax donations to registered charities direct from their pay. Good2Give’s purpose-built Workplace Giving Platform is a low-cost technology solution making it easy for charities to receive and report on workplace giving donations. 87% of charities say Good2Give’s service meets or exceeds their expectations and 98% of charities see workplace giving as a low-cost funding source.

Reduce your fundraising costs

Receive regular monthly donations via EFT which combines donations from multiple companies and donors. 74% believe Good2Give reduces charity administration time and thus costs.Attract and engage a younger donor base. When it comes to workplace givers, some 69 per cent are aged between 18 – 49 years, compared with only 22 per cent of general public donors.

Share your impact

Charity communication is vital for donor engagement. Our Workplace Giving Platform allows charities to easily communicate with their workplace givers on a regular basis. Through the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform, companies can maximise the expression of goodwill by matching employee donations – meaning charities have the opportunity to receive more! More than 60 per cent of companies with Good2Give match their employee donations.

Get to know your workplace givers

Good2Give provides a reporting dashboard so you can understand your workplace givers more – their names, who they work for and how much they give (if shared). Furthermore, our Workplace Giving Platform enables you to communicate directly with workplace givers, so you can build a strong long term relationship. People give for different reasons. It might be a reaction to a natural disaster, a personal experience or belief that has inspired you to take action – to make a difference and the world a better place. Manage and change donations easily. Set up regular or one-off donations directly to the charities and causes that matter most to you. No need to use and keep your credit cards or bank details up to date.

Giving makes you feel good

Connect with the charities you care about and see the impact of your donation with the option to give anonymously if you wish. With workplace giving, the tax benefits are immediate; no need to keep or find tax receipts. Why not try our Workplace Giving Tax Calculator today to see how much you can save on tax each year? Through the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform, your company has the opportunity to match your donations – meaning charities have the opportunity to receive more!